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After visiting Venice and the Isle of Murano, we immediately fell in love with the exquisite Murano Jewellery. We knew straight away that we wanted others to discover the beauty of this jewellery.
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We offer an extensive range of beautiful handmade glass jewellery from the Isle of Murano. Our products are delivered in a stylish gift box or velveteen pouch with a guarantee of origin. You are assured that all our products are handmade in Italy of 100% Murano Glass. We can deliver all our Murano Glass Jewellery worldwide, please contact us for further details...


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Our Recommendations

Dei Vetrai - Venetian Bracelet

Handmade Murano glass disc shaped bead bracelet with matching earrings available.
Price: £36.00
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Katerina Murano Glass Earrings

Petit Venetian spherical shaped earrings. (Bead size 0.7cm)
Price: £15.00
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Silvia - Murano Necklace

Delicate handmade Venetian beads with a spotted (maculato) design
Price: £28.00
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Bestsellers (Updated Weekly)

Anello Venezia - Murano Ring

Lampworked glass ring handmade in Venice, Italy
Price: £14.00
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Venetian Cufflinks

Elegent handmade spherical Murano glass Cufflinks (1.5cm diameter)
Price: £27.00
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Jessica Piccolo - Venetian Glass Pendant

Handmade Murano glass jewellery heart pendant (2.5cm x 2.5cm)
Price: £20.00
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Valentines Piccolo
Murano Glass Pendant

Price: £10.00
Valentines Piccolo
Murano Glass Pendant

Price: £10.00
Valentines Piccolo
Venetian Glass Pendant

Price: £10.00
Valentines Piccolo
Murano Jewellery Pendant

Price: £10.00

Whats New

Murano Glass Earrings

Price: £16.00
Venetian Glass Bracelet

Price: £18.00
Murano Glass Aquarium
Murano Aquarium Paperweight

Price: £40.00
Valentina Beads
Valentina Murano Bead

Price: £16.00
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